PATS™ is a Proactive Recruitment and Selection Solution

Enables Proactive Recruitment of Strategic (Hard to Find) Applicants.

Shortens Hiring Cycle Time by 60 percent.

This proven solution has been installed for almost eight years at the School Board of Manatee County (SBMC), providing much more than one-way resume scanning and processing. Unlike other Applicant tracking products, PATS is an end-to-end hiring solution that has completely re-engineered the hiring process with robust workflow capabilities. PATS gives school districts a competitive advantage by quickly qualifying and moving qualified applicants through the hiring process, from identifying potential applicants (candidates) to systematic closure of the job-posting requirement. What's more, PATS is enabled by hardware and software that are most likely part of your existing infrastructure - providing a return on your original technology investment, without requiring any additional implementation, administration, or user training costs.

Here's How it Works

PATS is essentially a state-of-the-art electronic filing cabinet with four drawers - one for job postings (budgeted authorized positions) and online applications. The second is for Applicant scanned images (HR required documents). The third drawer is for Internet job-postings, WEB enabled Applicant entry, and application status/updates. The fourth drawer contains HR security and system configurations. PATS uses software system agents to allow applicants to select one or more postings and create an online application for the Applicant. Once the information is captured electronically, PATS can expedite your HR qualification process by identifying in real time an Applicant’s status, minimum qualifications, and preferred qualifications and allowing the Applicant (via Web Browser) or your department to automatically respond to inquiries about the application. PATS paperless, workflow environment guides you through job postings creation, qualification (verification, security, certification, screening), and your Applicant hiring approval process.

Scanning Documents (Certifications, CDL License, Reference Letters, Resumes, etc.)

Paper documents can be browsed or scanned and then processed into PATS in any of the current supported formats (ASCII Text, AmiPro, Binary with Text, BMP, CGM, Excel, GIF, HTML, JPEG, Microsoft Word RTF, PCX, TIFF, Word for Windows 7.0, WordPerfect, WordPro). The PATS solution can interface into your existing scanning system or support any Twain or ISIS compliant scanners. The PATS solution can also use document scanners and optical character recognition (OCR) to convert paper documents to their electronic equivalents.

Note: Most PATS installations use the HP 9200C Digital Sender (other TWAIN or ISIS scanners supported) and imaging software (PATS Imaging) to scan and attach documents to applicant portfolios. This solution provides customizable document scanning and indexing.

Competitive Advantage - Workflow for Collaboration and Communication

PATS fully integrates with industry standard groupware technology to manage all the procedures and documents that typically flow through the qualification and hiring process. These include all of the tasks and documents associated with Job Posting, Verification, Security checks, Certification and Screening approvals. During the Applicant qualifying workflow process, the PATS & IPATS solution supports the following functions: the routing of forms, automated correspondence (Email or File merge Text), Web-based job postings, Job alerts that alert administrators when applicants apply for hard-to-fill positions, and more.

Our clients attest that PATS has shortened their hiring cycles by up to 60 percent and increased productivity and improved efficiency by more 50 percent. Unlike other systems that require you to toss information back and forth via email and paper routing before finalizing Applicant selection, interview scheduling, reference checks and evaluations, the PATS solution involves hiring managers, colleagues, applicants, payroll, and finance groups — and even external civic and government organizations — at key points in the process. This facilitates collaboration and communication in real time. Sharing the responsibilities in this way means more time for developing and managing your company's most valuable resources — its people.

Applicant Process Improvement and Efficiency

PATS was designed to support and improve the applicant process and workflow. With an easy-to-use yet completely customizable applicant entry process, PATS Users will see efficiency in collecting complete applications. The automated workflow for applicants, based on completion of specified events, will help the district eliminate unneeded application review. (You can set workflow items not to be processed until the correct documents are received or until another workflow item has been completed.) Here are some of the features that support and improve applicant processing and workflow and make your staff more efficient.

PATS enables Hiring Supervisors to stay informed about the latest Applicants and track the entire hiring cycle process. PATS provides a cost-effective way of extending the end-to-end, collaborative recruiting environment to your enterprise while allowing HR to remain in complete control. Whether they're in the office or working from a remote location, hiring supervisors can monitor the hiring process in real-time, check the status of their department (cost center) job posting and review qualified applicants that are matched to their job postings using a standard Web browser.

Technical Advantage

PATS' open architecture allows integration with any ODBC standard platform. 451 Solutions has interfaced PATS with platforms like JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, TERMS and other platforms. Not all have been ODBC standard. PATS has been integrated with Optiview and On Base scanning solutions. The product's open architecture enables data integration via LSX technology.

PATS mainly runs on a Windows Server environment, but has done so on LINUX and IBM’s AS/400.


Return on Investment (ROI)

In most of our current customers, PATS has paid for itself in the first year of production. ROIs are available showing the reduction in time to process applicants, the higher quality applicants available, reduction in advertising costs, and the elimination of paper as factors in experiencing such amazing payback. PATS should create an environment where you can start to be proactive, choosing the best candidates for your positions.

One HR Executive stated that he would have had to hire five (5) people last summer (his busiest time) to provide the quality that PATS provided for his whole Applicant Processing.

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