What is VISA?

Volunteers in School/Service Associations - VISA is a Web-based solution to help complete the entire Volunteer management process.

Your VISA Solution will track:

Benefits of Volunteers in Organizations

The VISA Process

VISA Process

  1. Accept - Volunteers application has been accepted
  2. Classify - Volunteers are assigned a clearance level
  3. Assign - Volunteers have chosen the opportunity for which they would like to volunteer
  4. Track - Everyone on your organizations premises will be tracked with picture ID
  5. Reporting - With built in reporting tools VISA easily reports all activity
  6. Measure - Analyitcs on Volunteer methods and policies.


With VISA everyone is safe

Visitors Module

“Web-based solutions that will help ensure school security by screening visitors and allowing them access to your campus.”

Our Visitors Solutions Features:

What sets VISA aside from its competitors?

Alerts campus law enforcement, security officials and administrative staff of the check in of potential sex offenders and rejected persons.

Customizable Reports such as Visitors that have checked in site by site, Visitors that haven’t checked out, Visitors location or time spent onsite.

Our Visitor solution retains the visitors’ information, the time and location the visitor checked in and checked out for as long as your organization requires.

All data is accessible, added and removed in “real time” and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

Law Enforcement can access our solution if needed or in response to a “lockdown” situation.

The information printed on our badges is completely customizable. Our badges currently include the visitors’ photo from their driver’s license or identification card.

VISA badges expire adding additional security and preventing the reuse of previously printed badges.

The VISA solution is mobile and can be used in other locations on school campuses such as checking in persons at school activities or sporting events.

The image scanned from the visitor’s driver’s license or identification card is saved in the event it is needed by law enforcement or school officials.

Our Visitor solution supports the use of easy to use License/ID scanner or the use of a small Digital Camera (web cam) and Magnetic Driver’s License/ID reader.

VISA solution requires only the use of a single badge printing Dymo Printer for ALL badges types (visitor, volunteer, contactor, vendor, etc.). The single badge printing Dymo Printer is faster and less expensive however our system can print to the Dual or Twin badge printing Dymo Printer if desired.

VISA supports the addition of Volunteer, Vendor and Contract applications, screening and tracking.



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