The Portal is a gateway that leads to Budget Management, Position Control, and Electronic Personnel Transactions in order to provide School Districts, College & Universities, Law Enforcment Agencies, and many others with the information they need to effectively manage position control and the staffing budget.

Every Department is Unique

No departments have the same employee or payroll budget information.  Compairing two cost centers such as Elemantrary and Food Service within one school site in a paper enviornment has proven to be a nightmare.

Clearly, something had to be done.

Everyone on the SAME PAGE

The journey that DeKalb County School District started that day would lead them to the e-HR Portal. The Portal is a gateway that leads to Budget Management, Position Control, and Electronic Personnel Transactions in order to provide schools and districts with the information they need to effectively manage school staffing. Through the Portal, the Principal, Finance Department, and Human Resources Department can all see and use the same information – information that is accurate and current because it is pulled straight from the district's HRMS system and presented in an easy-to-understand interface accessible to everyone on the Internet. Real information in real time.

e-HR Portal Covers it All

There are three main parts to the e-HR Portal: the Budget Roster, the Employee Roster, and a system of electronic personnel transactions to manage adjustments and changes. Together, these three elements provide Principals with the tools they need to effectively run their schools and the HR and Finance departments with the ability to efficiently support the Principal, and ultimately, the students.

The Budget Roster or "b-Roster" gives the Principal and the Finance department the ability to monitor the school's performance against their staffing budget on a day-by-day basis. At a glance, you can see the school's original budget, its current budget including any recent changes (i.e. FTE corrections), and the actual staffing levels of the school against that budget. Areas that are under or over are clearly identified and principals can easily see where adjustments must be made or where opportunities to hire exist. Rows and columns of the roster are expandable or collapsible to give you the exact level of detail you need, and customer-defined categories provide relevant and meaningful content.

The Employee Roster or "e-Roster" gives the Principal and HR Department the ability to monitor position control on a daily basis. It provides a complete list of school personnel by position and funding source, and with a click can provide individual employee information such as job codes, certifications, and even personal contact information. Pulled nightly from the HRMS system, this information reflects the district's most current data, making errors or adjustments immediately apparent and easily corrected.

Automate and Improve Your Employee Transactions

The variety of available electronic personnel transactions provides the Principal with a means to instantly initiate resignations, job posting requests, transfers, etc., and to start them through an electronic workflow that saves time, effort and money. Job postings can be initiated as soon as resignations are received, transfers can take days instead of weeks…personnel transactions don't have to wait for paper to move, and their status is immediately available for all to see in real time. If there is a bottleneck in the process, it can be immediately identified and fixed. Your district can customize transactions to fit your needs, and even create new transactions when needed or delete obsolete ones. Detailed history logs provide a solid audit trail and accountability record.

Improving Your School System

With the triple-threat abilities provided by the e-HR Portal, your district becomes more efficient and more effective. You can hire faster, which means you can hire better, providing a higher standard of service to your students. You save time and money which can be diverted into increasing student services. In short, implementing the e-HR Portal is making an investment in your team and in your students.

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